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The Top 5 Best RV Tires Brands on the Market | Quality Picks for Your RV Adventures

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Last Updated on June 7, 2024

Discover the Leading RV Tire Brands Offering Durability and Performance

Traveling throughout the country in an RV with the family is becoming a go-to vacation choice. Many of the best RV brands have had to increase manufacturing and production as demand has skyrocketed over the past few years.

According to the latest report from KOA (Kampgrounds of America), 2.6 million people have purchased an RV in 2021 and intend to take it out on the road. Additionally, 25% of campers agreed that they preferred to stay in an RV over a tent, cabin, or other accommodations.

RVs bring many of the comforts of home along with you wherever you travel. From comfortable beds to running water and functioning kitchens, there are many reasons why people love RVs. However, you must ensure you have the best RV tires to create a safe and comfortable ride.

Since RVs are such large and heavy vehicles, they require special tires that are strong enough to support the weight even at high speeds. The best RV trailer tires are designed to provide additional support and stability. Some styles even help to improve fuel efficiency and overall ride comfort.

Plenty of RV tires are on the market, including some inexpensive brands. However, many consumers only want to consider the best RV tires on the market—even if they cost more than the budget options.

Why Splurge on the Best RV Tires?

Safety is one of the most essential reasons customers choose the best-rated RV tires. There are approximately 76,000 accidents involving RVs in the US every single year. The leading causes of many of the accidents are:

  • Speeding
  • Rollovers
  • Poorly calculated turns
  • Miscalculated stopping distances

A good set of RV tires can reduce many of these risk factors. The best RV tires support the vehicle so drivers can make turns easily and brake in a shorter distance. They also provide better handling for highway driving, even at high speeds.

Top-quality RV tires are built to handle the RV load and reduce heat over long miles. The two most detrimental things you can do to an RV tire are overloading it and running it at high speeds for many miles.

RV tires also go through a lot of wear and tear. They are under constant heavy loads, and most RV treks are hundreds or thousands of miles long. These tires must be durable enough to withstand long drives without compromising performance. The two most detrimental things you can do to RV tires are overload them and run them at high speeds for many miles.

Replace Your Tire

It is recommended that you replace all your RV’s tires every five or six years, depending on how often you drive. If you frequently take your RV out for long journeys, the tires will probably need to be replaced every three years. If your RV has sat for a year or more, you need to inspect the tires well and, even better, have a tire professional check them.

Some signs which indicate that it is time to replace your RV tires are:

  • Cracks on the sidewalls
  • Worn down or uneven treads
  • Inability to maintain tire pressure
  • Flat spots from sitting in one position too long

It is also highly recommended that you install new RV tires before a long journey. You don’t want to get stuck in a flat while on vacation!

Tires Easy Truck’s Picks: The 5 Best RV Tire Brands

At Tires-easy Truck, we carry an extensive selection of tires. We have some of the best-rated RV tires on the market – and here are our top picks for the five best RV tire brands.

1. Michelin

Michelin is one of the most recognizable brand names for tires, so it’s no surprise that its RV tires come highly recommended. The Michelin XZE line is an all-position tire designed for motorhomes and RVs.

The XZE Michelin RV tires have four circumferential grooves, which help to reduce hydroplaning on wet roads by expelling water. These tires also feature some of Michelin’s premier tire technology, including:

Michelin XZE best rv tires

  • Miniature groove sidewalls for even wear and improved grip
  • Full-width elastic protector ply casing to prevent cuts and scrapes
  • Curb guards along the sidewalls to protect the tire casing
  • Groove Bottom Protector to prevent punctures from gravel or sharp rocks
  • Rectangular Bead Bundle for added stability inside of the tire casing

If you won’t settle for anything less than the best RV tire, Michelin is undoubtedly a brand to consider. You can purchase these tires in various sizes on the website.

2. Goodyear

Goodyear is another highly recognizable tire brand known for its durability and performance. The G647 Goodyear RV tires are no exception, as they are designed to be long-lasting. This tire model has a unique tread compound that promotes even wear, and the circumferential grooves improve traction and grip.

G647 Goodyear RSS tires


The Goodyear RV tires also have raised sidewall protectors and wear indicators, so you’ll know when to replace them. The G647 model is also M+S rated for muddy, dry, wet, and snowy roads. These are some of the best-rated RV tires we offer.

3. Toyo

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly but still top-quality RV tire, Toyo should be on your list. Toyo RV tires are re-treadable and have a heat-resistant compound for long road trips. This tire model has a high-elongated top belt to protect the tire casing.

TOYO M 154


One of the most significant features of the Toyo RV tires is the low rolling resistance. This helps improve your RV’s fuel economy while promoting even tread wear. Drivers also love the DSOC technology and wide-rib pattern, which will enhance performance and deliver a smooth ride.

We carry a range of Toyo RV tires; check the website for available sizes. 

4. Bridgestone

Bridgestone RV tires are the perfect option if you encounter inclement weather on the road. They are rated for safe driving on slick, rainy streets, slippery mud, or even light snowfall.

They also have added puncture resistance to improve durability and prevent you from getting flat on the road! Bridgestone’s RV tire line is also designed with exceptional casing durability and reinforced ribbing for added stability.

Bridgestone Dueler HT 685


The Bridgestone Dueler H/T 685 is an excellent choice for your RV. This extra heavy-duty tire with thick tread rubber makes it highly durable and capable of handling weight well. Unique compounds in the tread are designed to resist heat build-up, helping to promote longer tire life.

5. Hankook

Hankook RV tires are designed for higher fuel economy with low rolling resistance. They also have a unique belt structure that provides better support throughout the tire, preventing uneven wear.


Hankook AH35


Hankook RV tires are reinforced for heavy loads, making them an excellent option for long trips. These tires also have an optimized footprint and tread pattern, improving the road’s grip for higher traction.

At Tires-easy Truck, we carry the Hankook AH35 in various sizes. 


Hitting the road with the family in your RV is an exciting adventure – but make sure that you’ve got the best RV tires installed first. Your family’s safety is essential, and getting a flat or possibly getting into a fender-bender due to bad tires will not be the fun adventure anyone is planning on during vacation.

To find the best RV camper tires for your motorhome, you’ve got to talk to the experts. You can quickly contact our team here at Tires-easy Truck online. We offer financing and a 45-day return policy – so get in touch today to find the best RV tires!

Ready to explore the world of tires more deeply? Visit Tire Easy Truck’s website for more informative articles to enhance your tire knowledge!


What is a good brand of RV tires?

Several reputable brands stand out when choosing the best RV tires. Brands like Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Continental, and Goodride are known for their quality and performance in RV tires.

These brands offer a range of options to cater to different RV types and travel preferences, ensuring that you can find the perfect set of RV tires for your adventures.

Which travel trailer tires are best?

The best travel trailer tires often share common traits with RV tires, including durability and load-carrying capacity. Brands like Carlisle, Goodyear, Maxxis, and Trailer King are well-regarded for their travel trailer tire offerings.

When choosing the best travel trailer tires, consider your specific trailer’s needs, the terrain you’ll encounter, and your budget.

What size are most RV tires?

RV tires come in various sizes to accommodate different types of RVs. However, one of the most common RV tire sizes is 225/70R19.5, suitable for many Class A motorhomes.

Smaller RVs may use sizes like 245/70R19.5 or 235/80R22.5, while travel trailers and fifth wheels can have different tire sizes based on their weight and axle configurations. You must check your RV’s manual or consult a professional to determine your vehicle’s correct tire size.

How long do RV tires last?

The lifespan of RV tires can vary depending on factors such as tire quality, maintenance, and usage. On average, RV tires can last three to six years.

However, even if the tread looks good, RV tires should be replaced every five to seven years to ensure safety and performance. Regular inspections and proper maintenance can help extend the life of your RV tires and ensure they remain in excellent condition for your travels.

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