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Best Cheap Commercial Tires for Regional Trucking | Affordable Options

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Last Updated on April 5, 2024

Discover Cheap Commercial Tires Picks for Reliable Regional Trucking 

Truck Owner Operators and Fleet Managers know that regional LTL trucking can be harsh on tires. Local short-haul trucking, both fixed routes and pick up & delivery, usually combines urban streets, dirt lots, and wide-open interstates. Pick-up & delivery work can be challenging on tires as most of the driving includes frequent stops and sharp turns into back alley loading docks.

For this reason, you need a steer-and-drive tire combination that will withstand tire damage due to excessive scrubbing, flat-spotting from hard braking, road hazards, and frequent curbing. Plenty of lesser-known cheap commercial tires are good options for regional service and pick-up and delivery.

Here are two best-selling and highly recommended combinations for the steer and drive axles on your tractor-trailer or straight truck that won’t break the bank.

What is Commercial Tires?

Commercial tires are a specialized type of tire designed and built for heavy-duty and commercial vehicles, such as trucks, buses, delivery vans, and industrial vehicles. These tires are distinct from regular passenger vehicle tires due to their robust construction, durability, and load-carrying capacity.

They are engineered to withstand the unique demands of commercial applications, which often involve carrying heavy loads over long distances and enduring frequent starts and stops.

The critical characteristics of commercial tires include reinforced sidewalls to handle the vehicle’s weight and cargo, a sturdy tread design for improved traction and durability, and the ability to maintain performance even under challenging road conditions.

Commercial tires are available in various types, including steer tires, drive tires, and trailer tires, each serving a specific purpose in the operation of commercial vehicles.

In summary, commercial tires are purpose-built to meet the rigorous demands of commercial use, ensuring safety, reliability, and efficiency for heavy-duty vehicles and commercial applications.

Features of cheap commercial tires designed for regional trucking

Indeed, here are the critical elements of cheap commercial tires designed for regional trucking:

  1. Durable Construction: Cheap commercial tires for regional trucking are built to withstand the rigors of shorter-haul routes and frequent stops, ensuring a longer service life.

  2. Optimized Tread Patterns: These tires feature tread designs that balance traction and mileage, making them suitable for varying road conditions often encountered in regional trucking.

  3. Cost-Effective Pricing: Budget-friendly commercial tires offer affordability without compromising essential performance attributes, making them cost-effective for regional trucking fleets.

  4. Reliable Handling: They deliver consistent handling and stability, enhancing safety and control during shorter-haul journeys, including city and regional routes.

  5. All-Weather Capabilities: Many cheap commercial tires are designed to perform well in different weather conditions, ensuring that regional trucks can operate safely and efficiently year-round.

  6. Fuel Efficiency: Some options prioritize fuel efficiency, maximizing miles per gallon to contribute to long-term cost savings.

  7. Load-Carrying Capacity: These tires can handle moderate to heavy loads often associated with regional trucking, providing reliable transportation of goods.

  8. Low Rolling Resistance: Reduced rolling resistance helps improve fuel economy, making these tires an economical choice for regional trucking operations.

  9. Multiple Size Options: Cheap commercial tires come in various sizes to accommodate different types of trucks and regional routes, allowing for customization based on fleet needs.

  10. Value for Money: These tires balance quality and affordability, ensuring that regional trucking operations can maintain cost-conscious practices without sacrificing performance and safety.

Roadmaster by Cooper Tires: High Quality, Cheap Commercial Tires for Tractor Trailers

All Roadmaster tires are made by Cooper Tires and designed in North America specifically for North American road types, trucks, and climates.

A Roadmaster tire is designed to maximize performance and durability for all heavy-duty truck applications. Still, the tires seem to hit the sweet spot for price and performance for regional, mixed service usage and pick-up and delivery.

An excellent combination of steer and drive tires is the Roadmaster RM185 tires and the Roadmaster RM254 tires.

1) Roadmaster RM185 steer tire

Roadmaster RM185 steer tire


The Roadmaster RM185 steer tire is highly resistant to irregular wear. Irregular wear can be caused by alignment problems, worn suspension parts, or a tire not perfectly balanced on the wheel. These problems can quickly go undetected, and some tires seem more prone to showing the effects of one or more of these conditions.

In the case of the Roadmaster RM185 tire, the massive outside shoulder and rugged tread rubber help to minimize the onset of irregular wear that can cause steer tires to be removed from service before the tread is worn evenly down to the wear bars.

2) Roadmaster RM254 drive tire


Roadmaster RM254 drive tire


The Roadmaster RM254 drive tire is ideal for regional hauling, beverage, or urban delivery trucks. It will provide the traction and treadwear required even in service with frequent stopping, accelerating, and tight turn radius maneuvers.  

This is thanks to a super durable, premium tread compound and reinforced tread block design that stands up to high torque on the tread elements during sharp turns and lateral scrubbing. Paired with the RM185 on the steer, the RM254 will also give you or your drivers a comfortable ride.

Roadlux Tires: Cheap Commercial Tires that Go the Distance

One of the cheapest tires and best value for regional operators is Roadlux Tires. These tires are made in China and other Asian countries in large, modern commercial tire plants with high production volumes. This means economies of scale for low production costs but very good quality levels for the price paid.

1) Roadlux R216 steer tire


Roadlux R216 steer tire


The best-selling Roadlux R216 steer tire is for regional service in severe applications. It is available in standard 17.5, 19.5, 22.5, and 24.5 wheels in both standard and low-profile sizes.

It has a massive solid outer shoulder rib to resist flat spotting and irregular wear and a complex rubber compound. Currently (July 2017), the tire is priced well under $250 on, making it one of the cheapest steer tires for regional service.

2) Roadlux R516 drive tire


Roadlux R516 drive tire


The Roadlux R516 tire is the most popular drive tire, with the Roadlux R216 tire. It has a closed shoulder tread pattern for long mileage.  

It also offers the regional operator excellent performance in all weather conditions thanks to the extra deep tread and full-depth tread sipes for traction in mixed conditions and muddy dirt lots.

The all-steel casing means excellent durability and re-treadability, even if used predominantly on gravel roads in rural areas.

How to Buy Commercial Truck Tires Online?

You can easily shop for cheap commercial truck tires on by entering the size you need in the search window. You will be shown all the tires available for delivery to your chosen address.

The Tires-easy Customer Service Agents would also be happy to assist you in finding the best tires for your operation that fit your tire budget.


Reliable commercial tires are essential for safety and efficiency in regional trucking. Our guide has unveiled the best cheap commercial tires, ensuring you get the performance you need without straining your budget. Don’t compromise on quality; choose affordable commercial tires for your regional trucking needs and hit the road with confidence.

Upgrade your regional truck with budget-friendly commercial tires from Truck Tires. Please browse our selection and make your purchase now to enjoy quality and affordability combined. Drive smarter, save more!

Want to learn even more about tires and maintenance? Visit Tire Easy Truck’s website and explore our collection of informative articles.


What is the best commercial truck tire for regional trucking?

The best commercial truck tire for regional trucking depends on your specific needs and budget. In our guide to the best cheap commercial tires for regional trucking, you’ll find affordable options that balance performance and cost-effectiveness.

What is the best semi-truck tire for the money?

Finding the best semi-truck tire for your budget is essential. Our list of cheap commercial tires includes options that provide excellent value for your investment, ensuring you get the most out of your money.

What are commercial-grade tires, and how do they differ from regular tires?

Commercial-grade tires, including commercial truck tires, are specifically designed for heavy-duty use in applications like regional trucking. They differ from regular tires in terms of their construction, durability, and load-carrying capacity, making them suitable for the demands of commercial vehicles.

What is a regional drive tire, and why is it essential for regional trucking?

A regional drive tire is a commercial tire designed for regional trucking routes. It offers a balance of durability and traction, making it suitable for trucks that operate in a specific geographic area. Regional drive tires ensure safe and efficient transportation on shorter-haul routes.

What is the difference between commercial tires and regular tires?

Commercial tires, such as commercial truck tires, are engineered for heavy-duty use and are designed to withstand the demands of commercial vehicles.

They differ from regular tires in terms of their robust construction, load-carrying capacity, and durability, making them ideal for applications like regional trucking, where reliability is paramount. On the other hand, common tires are designed for standard passenger vehicles and have different performance characteristics.