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Michelin XDN2 Grip Tires

Michelin XDN2 Grip

Michelin XDN2 Grip is an all-weather directional drive tire made for commercial trucks.

Tire features:

  • Optimized for exceptional traction and mileage in line haul and regional applications.
  • Matrix siping technology with zig-zag walls provide biting edges for excellent traction and even wear.
  • Wide open shoulder grooves help to deliver confident performance and traction without compromising the tread life.
  • Wide tread design made to distribute the force over the larger contact area, which promotes longer tread life.
  • Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol signifies this tire has been approved for severe snow service.
  • M+S rated tire.

Best suited for: Commercial trucks.

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